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My Songs of July 2021

Hello everyone! July 2021 was crazy hectic for me. My company was busy preparing for the new EU rules and migrating to a new system. So, we had countless of meetings and trainings almost every day. We also had to do OT for few days.  Admittedly, I was traumatized a bit by the busyness. Post-migration, we had hiccups here and there with the new system. We also had new shifts in place which was not helping at all with my anxiety. Loosely speaking, my mind wasn't in a good place earlier this month due to the changes. I had to keep reminding myself that this job is one of my answered prayers whenever I struggle with it. Please pray for me 😢 On a happy note, alhamdulillah, I've completed my COVID-19 vaccination. In fact, almost everyone in my family have completed the vaccination process. Alhamdulillah. Paul Kim (폴킴) - New Day (Band Ver.) So, I have this song in my iPod for few years but only started listening to it after it appeared in one of the Instagram reels that I watched. C

Rhymes of Reason by Nirrosette

Rhymes of Reason by Nirrosette Title: Rhymes of Reason Author: Nirrosette Publisher: Munirah Jaafar Number of Pages: 63 This post is supposed to fall under 5 Quotes A Book but since this ebook is a collection of short poems (or musings as Nirrosette called them), I won't be able to share the 5 quotes without spoiling the book content 💔 Instead, I'll share two poems that tug at my heartstrings 💓 "What if I told you I loved you from the start? Would you take a step back turn around and change your heart?" - Hopes - "I hope when everything changes, you remain my constant" - Stay -