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My Songs of August 2020

August was all about me trying to coax my heart to accept the fact that I'm now officially unemployed. I saw this coming but it is still kinda hard to digest the fact. I'm currently actively looking for a job, so if you know anyone is hiring, please direct them to me. Also, your prayer is much appreciated during this tough times 😊 August was also the month that I started going crazy of anything Chinese all over again. I think it was ages ago when I last had this Chinese-holic phase. I consumed too much Chinese contents to the point that I started getting sick of them. lol. Super Junior M - At Least I Still Have You It's been years since I last listened to this song. The last time I listened to this song was during my ELF phase. lol. Recently, I have been playing this song non-stop, again, ever since I heard the snippet of the song in one of the Chinese movies that I watched. And I just learned the fact that this song is so romantic! 💓 He Jie & V

K-Street, SS15, Subang Jaya

K-Street. SS15, Subang Jaya or formerly known as The Street Cafe, SS15 was the first Korean restaurant that I have ever visited in Malaysia. I first went to the K-Street few days before I finished my CPU program back in 2012. Ever since that, I find myself to keep coming to the restaurant at least once in every few years :) Good to know As everybody knows, it is hard to find a parking spot at SS15. Thankfully, K-Street has few parking spots reserved for their customers. I think you need to ask the person in charge if you are thinking to use the parking spots. I have yet to use the reserved parking spots as my sister and I tend to use public transportation to go to SS15, Also, we were quite lucky as we tend to get a parking spot whenever we were at SS15. My sister and I kept sitting at this booth. lol. I sat here with my friends when I first came to the K-Street years ago. You can even find my handwritten note here. Spoiler alert : It's not about K-anything at all!