Friday, June 28, 2019

Sopoong, Central i-City

My sister was ever so kind to treat me at the Sopoong, Central i-City the other day. I was fairly excited because it's been a while since I last ate at Sopoong and I finally had a chance to go to another mall that is not IOI City Mall. lol.

Add; Okay, I just checked my old blog post. My first and the last time eating Sopoong was around three years ago at the IOI City Mall. It's indeed have been a while.

Sopoong, Central i-City

Like Sopoong, IOI City Mall, Sopoong, Central i-City is also located at upper floor, almost hujung dunia kind of place. For this particular store, it's located on the third floor near to the Sogo. Unlike the Sopoong, IOI CIty Mall, Sopoong, Central i-City is a little bit smaller yet very cozy and and welcoming. Thankfully, there was not many people when we were there. So, I kinda enjoyed the space. Otherwise, I might feel a lil bit suffocated. 

Yang Nyeom Dak Gang Jeong @ Sopoong, Central i-City
Yang Nyeom Dak Gang Jeong
MYR 24.90

My sister and I decided to go all out on this day. We ordered quite a number of dishes though there were only two of us. We really took our own sweet time to finish them all because we were just too full at some point. lol. Think we spent about 2 hour-ish here.

Add-on Cheese for Yang Nyeom Dak Gang Jeong
Add-on Cheese for Yang Nyeom Dak Gang Jeong 
MYR 8.00

Our first pick of that day was Yang Nyeom Dak Gang Jeong with cheese as add-on. I loved the chicken. It was so yummy and soft. The sauce was good too! It was sweet with a hint of spiciness. The cheese was another story. I think it was too watery for my liking.

Haemul Jeongol @ Sopoong, Central i-City
Haemul Jeongol & Add-on rice
MYR 49.90 & MYR 3.80/bowl

We then chose the Haemul Jeongol or Seafood Hot Pot with two bowls of rice as add-on as our main. Initially, I wanted to order the Soft Tofu Stew because I was in the mood to eat Soft Tofu Stew. while my sister wanted to order another dish. However after contemplating about 15 minutes, we decided to settle with Haemul Jeongol. Mainly because we can easily order the other dishes next time because they are for 1 pax while Haemul Jeongol is for 2-3 pax #wetendtoeatalone

The Haemul Jeongol was an okay. It was not spicy at all and quite refreshing. Personally, I found the taste quite similar to what I had in Jagalchi Market in Busan, so that was a nice surprise. I wanted to say they gave generous portion of seafood but truthfully, the didn't. I can barely see the seafood. They did, however serve generous portion of crabs. There were a lot of crabs or crab parts in the hot pot. So, if you're a big fan of crabs, you may love this Haemul Jeongol.

Tip: Banchan is refillable, so don't be shy to ask for more. I personally love the mayonnaise one. So good!

Dessert Set - Mix Hotteok & Bingsu - Oreo Bingsu @ Sopoong, Central i-City
Dessert Set - Mix Hotteok & Bingsu
Oreo Bingsu 
MYR 34.90/set

As for dessert, my sister and I decided to order the Dessert Set - Mix Hotteok & Bingu because she wanted to eat bingsu while I wanted to try the Hotteok. My sister ordered the Oreo Bingsu. Surprisingly, it was good, or maybe I never expected that I will like any bingsu after continuous disappointment of trying bingsu. lol. The Oreo Bingsu was not too sweet and too chocolaty which was perfect for my liking.

Dessert Set - Mix Hotteok & Bingsu - Dalkom Hotteok @ Sopoong, Central i-City
Dessert Set - Mix Hotteok & Bingsu
Dalkom Hotteok 
MYR 34.90/set

Tip: If you wanted more bangs for your bucks when ordering this Dessert Set, I would recommend to order the combination of Cheese Hotteok or/and Choco Hotteok or combination of Dalkom Hotteok with one of the formers, instead of ordering Dalkom Hotteok only.

The Dalkom Hotteok came as a pleasant surprise as well. I personally think it tasted a lil bit different to the hotteok that I had in Jeju or Seoul but it was still good, so good! It was not too sweet, perfect for my liking.

Sikhye @ Sopoong, Central i-City
MYR 6.90

As for the drinks, my sister and I decided to order a glass of water and Sikhye each. I was actually surprised to see that Sopoong has Sikhye in their menu. I think though I'm not really sure, they didn't have sikhye before this. The sikhye was good too albeit a lil bit sweeter and gingery than the sikhye that I used to try in Seoul.

Service wise, the service at Sopoong Central i-City was quite slow because we received our first dish after about 30 minutes although there were not many people around. Probably because the dishes that we ordered need more preparation? Who knows? However, the owner was ever kind and friendly. So there's that.

Price wise, it was average? Standard? I do believe this is the price range that you will see if you go to another Korean restaurants. I do however, find some of the prices are a lil bit too high while the rest of them are okay.

Overall, I definitely won't shy away to go to Sopoong again if I'm craving for Korean food and if I have extra money. lol. In fact, I actually went to another Sopoong few days after that day but that's another story.

Monday, June 17, 2019

One of Little Joys in My Life

Madihah and I @ Jalan Alor, Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Jalan Alor
June 16, 2019
Around 11:00 AM?

Forever grateful to this girl of mine for saying yes to my childish requests and last-minute plan. To many more impromptu plans, insya Allah? :)

Friday, June 14, 2019

Squid Boy, IOI City Mall

Squid Boy, IOI City Mall
 Squid Boy, IOI City Mall

Another day at the IOI City Mall, another F&B outlets to be crossed off from my list. Like the previous post; Gindaco, IOI City Mall, I was looking for something light that night as well. Initially, I wanted to try Shihlin but the line was pretty long so I decided to change my direction to the Squid Boy.

Squid Boy Menu Illustration

Squid Boy offers more than squid dishes at relatively average price (?). It was quite a quick decision on what I want to order from my part because I suddenly lost my nafs of eating chicken. I guess it was because I had been eating chicken almost every day since I arrived in Malaysia. I decided to settle with MEGA Giant Squid and Crispy Mushroom Fries.

MEGA Giant Squid, Squid Boy
MEGA Giant Squid
MYR 14.50

MEGA Giant Squid is the largest Giant Squid offered by the Squid Boy. Indeed, the size was huge because it took me some time to finish off the squid. However, I'm not a big fan of its taste. Too salty for my liking. Additionally, I put red pepper powder on my squid but I couldn't taste the spiciness. I think the saltines overpowered all other flavours.

Crispy Mushroom Fries, Squid Boy
Crispy Mushroom Fries
MYR 5.90

I also ordered Crispy Mushroom Fries and this was my pick for that night. So crunchy and crispy. The taste was just nice as well. Not too salty like the MEGA Giant Squid. Anyway, I am not sure if I'm going to repeat Squid Boy again. If I were to, I probably will buy the Crispy Mushroom Fries only.

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Gindaco, IOI City Mall

Gindaco, IOI City Mall
Gindaco, IOI City Mall

I was looking for something light as a kudap-kudapan when I went to the IOI City Mall with my sisters recently. After contemplating about 10-15 minutes, we decided to try the Gindaco. In all honesty, I have never heard about this store before. This was also my first time seeing the store in the IOI City Mall. I guess it's a pretty new store?

Menu @ Gindaco, IOI City Mall
Menu at the Gindaco, IOI City Mall

Initially, my sisters and I decided to have separate orders; 6 pieces of Original takoyaki and 6 pieces of Ebimayo takoyaki. However, the owner (I assume so) was ever so kind and suggested us to order the Party Box of 16 pieces takoyaki so that we could get more bang for our bucks and still get the desired takoyaki toppings.

Tip: Order one of the Party Boxes if you are sharing the takoyaki with other poeple. You'll save MYR 3.60 maximum, if you ordered the 16 pieces or MYR 8.25 maximum if you ordered the 24 pieces.

Party Box - Original & Ebimayo @ Gindaco, IOI City Mall
Party Box - 16 pieces of Original & Ebimayo Takoyaki
MYR 27.30

I was pleasantly surprised and happy when I opened the box! The balls were huge and the toppings were generous. I felt so full just by looking at those balls. Thankfully, they were delicious too! In fact, this might be one of the best takoyaki that I have ever tasted. And yes, this beat the Takoyaki @ Ramen Arashi, Banff. 

PSA: I've only eaten takoyaki few times in my life, mostly in Canada. The only takoyaki that I have ever tried in this side of the world was ones that were sold in pasar malam. lol. 

Conclusively, I definitely won't shy away from visiting the Gindaco next time, especially if I'm craving for takoyaki. Though I'm not sure when is the next time because there are still a lot of F&B outlets that I want to try in IOI City Mall.

Tip: You may want to wait for a bit before eating because the takoyaki are piping hot. I would say it would be the best to wait at least 7-10 minutes after they served you. Otherwise, get ready for your mouth to be burned :p

Monday, June 03, 2019

May 27, 2019

Korea Air at the Terminal 2, Incheon International Airport
Terminal 2 of Incheon International Airprot
May 27, 2019
1:40 PM

This was probably my last flight for the next couple of years. On another side note, yes, I have safely arrived in Malaysia few days ago. Didn't get to explore few places in Canada like I originally planned to do due to few reasons. I may regret this decision of mine in the future but it is what it is. For now, please pray that life will treat me well, insya Allah :)
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